Location Based Services: Not Just GPS & Foursquare

Here’s my talk at the SheSays event “Right Here Right Now” – the event was focused on Location Based Services. Our gracious hosts were Euro RSCG in New York, and the event took place on November 30, 2011.

My take was framed as “How to design for location” – which first of all called for a debunking of myths about mobile in general – what it is, how it’s used, who uses it – and of what both how LBS is served technologically and what ‘location’ means anyway.  There were two other excellent talks on the technology of location based services (by Lynn Fischer) and on the social meaning of location/the check-in (by Colleen DeCourcy).

Many thanks to Ale Lariu and SheSays for inviting me to participate. Here is the presentation for your perusing. Happy to answer questions in the comments.

Location Based Services: Not just GPS and Foursquare


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