From Neo to Trinity: The Matrix Reinvented

NOTE: to attend this event you must purchase passes and register with FutureM here:

Clay Shirky believes that mobile phones + access to the internet + free time = ‘cognitive surplus’ – the title of his latest book. (Don’t know who Clay Shirky is? Google him NOW and read ‘Cognitive Surplus’ forthwith. You’ll thank us.)

This exponential acceleration in cognitive surplus brought on by connected mobile devices is changing our culture and our expectations – for media, for marketing, for products and services, for shopping, for entertainment, for connection.

This change means a few very important things: WHAT mobile can do and HOW people use it demands a completely new approach to designing digital and social experiences and the abandonment of some of our old habits; WHO uses mobile technology is rapidly changing beyond the early adopters (we’re way past that now!), the tech enthusiasts, the stereotypical young adult male who loves gadgets – forcing us to reappraise who we design these new digital and social experiences for and open up our clients to new prospects and previously underserved customers.

Mobile is bridging the divide between many different digital divides – users v makers, men v women, young v old, rich v poor, etc. We want to accelerate this change within our industry by:

  1. Illustrating how these divides melt away with mobile technology
  2. Engaging thought leaders and emerging talent (that is – YOU!) in a ‘status quo hackathon’, where we’ll be asking you to reimagine brands, products or services for an underserved audience, using every mobile tech means at our disposal (QR codes, NFC, apps, geofencing, mobile social, ARG, wi-fi connected objects, location-based services, etc.)

Who’s we?

  • Farrah Bostic, digital strategist, advocate for #LeanPlanning, and founder of creative strategy consultancy Near Future Media with a background that includes Wieden, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Hall & Partners, OTX Research and Digitas;
  • Brenna Hanly, connections planner and mobile catalyst at Mullen, evangelist of all things emerging media and named one of Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Women to Watch 2011; and
  • Cindy Gallop, 2003 Advertising Woman of the Year and founder of BBH New York, now the founder & CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn.

So if you’re up for a hands-on, blow shit up, hack the status quo, subvert a world where the default setting is always young, white, techie, and male, and reinvent the Matrix to be as much about Trinity as it is about Neo – you’re not gonna want to miss this one. Sign up NOW… and debate with Cindy why Clay Shirky never mentions anywhere in his book the spectacular amount of cognitive surplus that’s spent on watching online porn.

NOTE: to attend this event you must purchase passes and register with FutureM here:


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